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Panasia Systems Limited (泛亞資訊系統有限公司) 在 2017年成立了分行 Polarise Audio Systems 致力為本地及海外展覽會,由專業及經驗豐富的音響工程人員主理各類展覽會,宴會,新聞發報會,宗教及文化節慶活動,及學校活動的現場混音及音響工程,同時,我們也致力為各大宴會場地,私人會所,酒店及會議展覽中心提供音響系統工程及員工訓練,分類如下:

1. 專業音響工程

2. 現場混音服務

3. 音響系統

Polaris Audio Systems is also a branch established by Panasia Systems Limited in December 2017 to provide audio system services for exhibitions, banquets and parties, and school functions held in Hong Kong and overseas with the following catagories :

1. audio systems set up

2. live mixing services

3. Sound engineer services


Computer Graphic (Northern lights) above by Joyce Ling