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服務簡介 Scope of services :

商業攝影:鑽石,珍珠,寶石及珠寶攝影, 產品攝影, 家俱攝影, 奢侈品攝影, 汽車攝影, 建築攝影, 宴會攝影, 古董攝影, 古典及文化物品重拍服務
Commercial Photography : Diamond photography, Gemstone photography, Pearl photography, Jewelry photography, Product Photography, Furniture photography, Passenger or commercial car photography, Architecture, landscape, urban and landscape photography, Antique photography and heritage reproduction services by photography


1. 鑽石,珍珠及珠寶攝影 Diamond, Pearl and Jewelry photography

2. 古董及文物攝影 Antique Photography

3. 建築及環境攝影 Architectureand landscape Photography


4. 食品及飲品攝影 Food and Beverage Photography

5. 宴會攝影Event and Celebration Photography

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